Riding 40 miles in one weekend

24 Jul

This past weekend was not only filled with crafts and an awesome concert, but also a ton of bike riding. I’m training for the Iron Girl Triathlon in just a few weeks and I needed to up my biking game. I don’t like to miss my Wednesday morning Spinning class at 6:00 AM, but I do believe there’s a difference between indoor and outdoor cycling so I took to Busse Woods near my hometown for three big bike rides this weekend.

Saturday morning I peeled out of bed at 7:15 and was on the trail by 7:45. It’s a short drive from my parents’ house and I could even bike there if I had more time. Because of it’s size and popularity it’s best to do any kind of serious riding early in the morning before the families, fishermen, and picnickers arrive. I’ve got to tell you, half the fun to trekking to Busse Woods is this bike carrier I got for my friends when their family started to grow.

Bike rack

My handy bike rack for my car

The red path is the park’s longest trail and spans almost eight miles. Last week I managed to get lost and only loop once with some detours totaling 12 miles, but this time I set the goal to loop it twice and overshoot the sprint tri distance of 12 miles. Two loops took me 1:12 with an average speed of 13 mph. I had so much fun and felt so empowered I repeated the workout on Sunday, increasing my average speed to 13.5 and shaving about 11 seconds off my average pace from the day before. I’d love to get to a 4-minute-mile for the race, but I have no idea a) if that’s even possible and b) what the course is going to be like c) how to ride with tons of people around me. I’ll just be happy to finish the race in one piece.

Garmin Data for Busse Bike Rides

Garmin Data for Busse Bike Rides

The cool thing about Busse Woods is the elk pasture off of Arlington Heights Rd. in Elk Grove Village. I went to Elk Grove High School so I’ve driven past the elk a bajillion times, but it’s fun to see when you’re riding your bikes, too. Many families tell their children these are Santa’s reindeer during the off season.

elk in Busse Woods

Elk Close-Up in Busse Woods

Elk in Busse Woods

Elk in Busse Woods

After my 16 miles on Sunday I got home to two excited kids (my neighbors and loves of my life) and they wanted to go to Busse, too. At first I didn’t tell them that’s where I had come from but eagerly took them for another eight mile ride. It took us over an hour but I am so proud of them for going as far as they did. They’re troopers. Plus, we grabbed some Italian Ice immediately after — it was hot!

And finally, to close today’s post, I saw this truck today in Chicago. It’s the Doritos logo from like 1999 which totally fits into my summer of 90’s concerts. Seriously Frito-Lay, can’t you get some new truck decals? Does this bother anyone else?

Doritos Truck with Old Logo

Doritos Truck with Old Logo


One Response to “Riding 40 miles in one weekend”

  1. Jen July 24, 2013 at 6:27 pm #

    Nice riding this weekend!! Wow!

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