Movies in the Parks: Jurassic Park

26 Jul

The cold front from Tuesday that ruined my open water swim is still lingering around Chicago. Last night I met my friends Blair and Gracelyn, both fellow Hurricane alum, at Wicker Park for Movies in the Park. We had perfect 74 degree weather – almost unheard of in July. Movies in the Park is part of Chicago’s Night Out in the Park offerings, which I think are pretty cool. I’m not usually one to venture west to Wicker Park, but Blair tempted me with Big Star tacos to bring to the park, and I was sold. Plus, they were showing Jurassic Park which I haven’t seen since its release in 1993.

Friends at Jurassic Park

Friends at Jurassic Park

If you’re going to check out a Movie in the Park for yourself, which I recommend, there are probably a few things you should know. Similar to my Ravinia Do’s and Don’ts post, I’m going to suggest a few tips for you to consider:

  • DO arrive early. The movies start at dusk (usually 8:45-9) and we had plans to meet at 7:30 thinking we’d be early. Not the case. We arrived at 7:30 and plopped our blanket (actually, I brought a spare bed sheet) tightly between two other groups. They announced that over 1,500 people were there.
  • DO bring food/drinks stuff to do. Not sure if alcohol is legally allowed, but people had it. Be conspicuous and you’ll be fine. I mentioned that planning on getting tacos from Big Star, but just like we weren’t expecting the crowd we got, we weren’t expecting the Big Star walk-up line to be over 50 people long. We opted for Flash Taco across the street and it didn’t disappoint. Wicker Park is home to lots of good food places you can grab & go. Besides the aforementioned, I recommend Piece pizza and Glazed & Infused donuts (inside Francesca’s Forno)
  • DO have enough space to lay down. While chairs aren’t appreciated, your back might get tired and you might want to shift positions. Make sure you have enough room for that. While you’re at it, I suggest wearing comfy clothes.
  • DO get into it. It was hilarious hearing everyone cheer for Samuel L. Jackson, boo the bad guy, and gasp/laugh at the ‘scary’ parts
  • DON’T sit next to a group of smokers (if you don’t like being smoked on). I’m not exaggerating when I say the group next to us smoked 100% of the movie. There were about eight adults and at all times one of them was smoking a cigarette. It really dampered my nice, summer experience. Of course smoking outside is allowed, but when you’re so close to so many people, I wish they would have been more considerate.
  • DON’T bring your dog if it likes to bark and run around. We were in really close corners and it made for some difficult dog situations. Unless your dog likes to lay down for about 3-4 hours straight, consider leaving him at home. (If he does like to chill, though, bring him! How cute!)

    Jurassic Park in Wicker Park

    Jurassic Park in Wicker Park

Overall I had a great summer night with my friends. I loved the movie — I hadn’t remembered a thing so it was completely new (again) to me.

I’m hoping to get out to at least one more Movie in the Park this summer. Have you been to one? Which park? I’d love to hear about the experiences at the different parks. By the way, they made one free bag of popcorn for every person! How sweet!

Jurassic Park in Wicker Park

Jurassic Park in Wicker Park


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