Yoga on Wrigley Field

28 Jul

Last night (Friday) I had the opportunity to do something yogis across the US dream of. I did one hour of yoga on Wrigley Field.

Hit an Om Run

Hit an Om Run

I tried signing up for Hit an Om Run, presented by Lululemon, but it was sold out so I had to find a way in at the last minute. As it turns out a group of girls asked me to take their photo in front of the iconic Wrigley sign and I asked them if they had an extra ticket. I’m so glad I was able to get in because it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had in my yoga career. By yoga career I mean of the 5 classes I took after my semester long class during senior year of college. I hope to get more into yoga as my tri training goes on. I want to open up my tight muscles from running and cycling.

There were three instructors that took us through a bunch of exercises and kept reminding us to focus on the fact that we are standing (or downward-dogging) on one of the most historic places in the United States. It was really exciting and refreshing.

Yoga on Wrigley Field

Yoga on Wrigley Field

There was live acoustic music and during the final stage, Savasana (corpse pose), he played a nice song that really hit home for me. I wish I knew his name! I couldn’t help but open my eyes (gasp!) during the song to admire the amazing clear sky above me. As the song tapered off and Savasana was ending and there was silence on the field, we slowly heard the drip drop drip of rain on the Wrigley bleachers. Like clockwork, the session was over and we scattered off the field. I walked home in the pouring rain and was totally okay with it.

Yoga on Wrigley Field

Yoga on Wrigley Field

I felt so lucky to have had the opportunity to spend that time on the field. I wish I could do it every Friday night!


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