100th Annual Gerber Garage Sale

7 Aug

After work on Thursday I packed everything I’d need for the weekend (BSB, peach picking) and headed to the suburbs to make signs for our annual garage sale! I apologize in advance for no photos…

If I sound excited, you might have misread. I was kind of worn down and not looking forward to this garage sale since a lot of what we had to sell wasn’t worth a lot of money and we’re giving up two days to sit outside and wheel and deal.

There was rain Friday morning so we got off to a grouchy rough start. Once we opened, though, we were movin’! The day flew by and I was pretty happy with the success. Our neighbors (the kids) sold some of their toys and I was pretty impressed that Danny even sold a Nintendo 64 for $35 (including one game and 2 controllers!).

I sold some clothes, crafts, and knick knacks. My mom sold her old sewing desk (since she’s currently getting her sewing room completely redone), two TVs ($2 and $3 for working TVs – can you believe it!?), and other goodies we bought with the best of intentions and never used.

The biggest ticket items of the day were two air conditioner units from my parents’ and my bedrooms that had to be removed when we got new windows installed last year. These air conditioners typically sell for over $200, depending on where you get it, and we let them walk away for a cool $20 each. I think we let ourselves get ripped off, but my father, in his infinite wisdom, “just wanted them out.”

At the end of the two day sale we made close to $400, which sounds successful to me. We’re actually planning another one in September and are hoping to have the entire block participate to attract the most customers. It’s crazy that we have more stuff to get rid of, but if you know us, it’s not that crazy! Stay tuned for the 101st garage sale in the fall!


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