Backstreet’s Back (but not for long)!

9 Aug

One of my recent discoveries about work lately has been ‘how to tell if you’re arriving later than the majority of the office.’ There are two tell-tale signs that I know of. First, the front doors are open. Our receptionist, Jan, doesn’t come in until just before 9:00 so you know you’re running later than usual if she’s opened the public doors before you’ve stepped off the elevators. The second sign is if there’s no ice in the ice maker. We have an office of about 90 people so when everyone fills up their water cups first thing, we run out of ice. You know you’re late if you get no ice. But, here’s where the weird part comes in. On Fridays, there are never that many people in this office. For example, I strolled in today at 8:55 and I got a cup full of ice! The office is quiet, and people leave super early. I don’t get it. Do that many people really take off every single Friday in the summer? Do a lot of people work from home every Friday (Kristin B., I’m looking at you)? Where the heck is everyone!?

Anyway, enough of that. Last night, a bike broke my heart. You know that bike I went to see on Wednesday night (from Craigslist)? Well, I went and “test-drove” other bikes at Performance Bicycle by my apartment and now I’m a pro at riding road bikes. So pro, in fact, that I was ready to purchase said Craigslist bike. But guess what? The seller wasn’t bluffing when he said he had another interested party and they swooped it up probably around the same time I was cruising on the $600+ bikes. Darn. That one hurt. Anyway, I’m back on the hunt for a gently used, properly loved road bike. Let me know if you see one, k?

Ok, ok, enough whining already.  I know you’re all here for the BSB recap! So there we were. My friend Kristin H. and I boarded the Metra train from Mt. Prospect with a Bud Light Lime and a Mike’s Hard Lite in our hands. That’s the great thing about Metra – they embrace the drink. We poured them into red Solo generic plastic cups to be on the safe side, but I don’t even think you have to. Nope, it says right here, DRINK AWAY! We were sipping and gabbing when we realized we were in a “quiet car.” Oops. What the heck? Didn’t they know it’s BSB night? Plus, it was Lollapalooza so let’s be real, there was no quiet going on. Anyway, turns out the quiet cars are only for during rush hour and we talked to a conductor and he assured us that 6:00 pm on Friday was definitely not rush hour (what!?). Whatever, we’ll take it. So we gab gab gabbed away and finally got to Ogilvie in time to smell the last remaining Garrett’s popcorn cornels being sold. The rest of the popcorn remains looked sketch so we walked down Madison and got some freshy mcfresh Garrett’s Popcorn Chicago mix. YUM. In retrospect, it’s probably good that I told Kristin it was only a one mile walk to the Charter One Pavilion when it ended up being three miles because that popcorn is so good it must be four times the fat of regular cheesy carmely corn. Plus, we were aiming to miss the first opening act, DJ Pauly D. Yes, the one from Jersey Shore. How desperate were the Backstreet Boys to get opening acts? That’s what I want to know. Me, Kayla, and Blair would have opened for FREE with our ukulele trio. If anyone’s looking for an opening act, let me know.

So three miles and lots of drunk Lolla people watching later we finally made it to the Charter One Pavillion. People were complaining on Facebook that they got their umbrellas taken away and stuff but we and our Garrett’s made it through just fine. Again, in retrospect, I wish we would have smuggled in some more drinks in our Garrett’s bag because it was the perfect decoy and then we would avoid paying $13 for a 20 oz. Straw-ber-ita. Yep, you read it, $13. I know, I’m surprised in myself, too, but I bought it. Plus, we needed something to get through the unbearable DJ Pauly D set.



I don’t really know what people are “looking” at when they go to “see” a DJ, but someone should enlighten me. I just watched this reality TV star play a playlist from 8-tracks, I think. Anyway, weren’t we supposed to miss opening act #1 by taking the scenic route to the pavilion? What the heck? As it turns out the whole show was running late (foreshadowing). No worries, though, because we got to see Baylee Littrell, BSBrian’s son, sing two really cute songs in a Cubs shirt.

After DJ No Talent wrapped up the live version of my running playlist Jesse McCartney came on stage and played a few songs. It didn’t seem to be that long, so I was cool with it. Plus he played a few songs I recognized from the radio. He’s going for the whole suit-and-tie look ala Justin Timberlake, and I’d date him.

Me & Kristin @ BSB

Me & Kristin @ BSB

He wrapped it up in a timely fashion and around 9:45 (this is important, remember it) our boys took the stage. While our ‘obstructed view’ tickets were pretty decent, Kristin and I stood on the side of the stage by the entrance to the very expensive section the entire concert. We had room to sing, dance, and cheer for the boys the whole time and it was great! They started out with The Call, a medium-oldie but a goodie, and I was instantly taken back to my pre-country loving pop days. They played a bunch of other songs we knew and some songs from their newest album, which seemed pretty good, and even did an “a capella” set. Their words, not mine. It was actually an acoustic set and everyone played guitar but Kevin played keyboard and AJ banged on some bongos. That was probably the lowest point of the concert for me (thus far). C’mon guys, we’re here for your dancin’!! While I’m singling out members of the group for being different, let’s also take a moment to realize that Nick Carter was the only BSBoy without a wedding ring on. That’s very convenient, you see, because I also would say he’s my heartthrob. Still super hot. So, what I’m saying is, Nick, if you need a ring to feel included, I’ve got a pretty open left hand over here.





Ok, so fast forward a couple songs. There we are boppin’ along, anxiously waiting for “Larger than Life” and “I want it That Way” – some of the classic BSB songs, when all of a sudden the boys’ mics go out and all the lights go on on the stage. As it turns out, the Chicago Park District has a strict 11:00 pm curfew which caused the show to end abruptly. The boys spent about five minutes trying to explain to us that they’re trying to work it out (meanwhile Kristin insisted “stop talking, just sing!”) but that ended up not working. So we watched them in aww on the stage not performing or finishing the concert. They got a lot of bad press about it (I was boo-ing them, but that’s not the bad press I’m talking about) and the audience also broke out into a round of “I want it that way” (except when the chorus was over everyone was lost). In the end, there was nothing they could do about it. Kristin and I tried to stage a sit in (get all those puns?) but alas, we left with the rest of the crowd and tried to get a cab back to Ogilvie (I was staying in the suburbs because of our family garage sale).

Needless to say, the rest of Chicago (BSB fans + Lollapalooza goers) were also trying to get a cab and we had to walk back to the train station until we found a pedicab along the way that gave us a lift. We arrived at the train station at 12:25 for a 12:30 FINAL outbound train. Talk about luck!

Pedi Cab Driver

Pedi Cab Driver

The early-ending concert made local news and the boys issued a statement saying they would “make it right,” and since then we’ve heard that they’re going to open early discounted tickets to those of us with tickets from the 8/2 show. Seems like a crappy alternative, since we already paid to see the show and we want our Larger than Life! After all, that song is about the fans making them…well…larger than life!

I don’t know if my relationship with Nick Carter will ever take off. I’ve tweeted at him twice with no response. He seems to respond to every other fan tweet, though, so WTH!? I’m not going to deny that despite an early ending (which saved us from being stuck in the city like Elizabeth Shue from Adventures in Babysitting) this was an awesome concert and I’m so glad I went. And, truth be told, I’ll probably shell out the money for those “discounted” tix they’re promising us. I hope the discount is 95%.

Is anyone still reading this? If you are, you may like to know that my race is on Sunday (ahh!) and I’m going to my FOURTH concert tonight in two months. John Mayer!


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