Pure Peach Picking

10 Aug

Last Sunday I went for my usual (ha!) 16 mile bike ride in Busse Woods at 7:30 am and showered and packed up the car to head to Berrien County, Michigan, with Kayla and Loredana. This is our third annual peach picking trip and it is going to be an age-old tradition, mark my words.

We accidentally took the scenic route (I’m so good at that) and veered towards 94 instead of 90 but it ended up working out for the best. On Saturday I had verified that our picking spot of 2011, Schaeffer’s Orchard, was open, but on Sunday we found out it wasn’t! Crazy! So we called our fall back and picking spot of 2012, Treemendous, and they were openf or business. As we were navigating towards Treemendous we stumbled across Frank’s orchard.

Peaches on the vine?

Peaches on the vine?

Frank’s had much smaller peaches to pick from, but they were only $1/pound. We wanted the big, juicy, ripe “eaters” so we still headed to Treemendous and got some sizable peaches. They were more expensive, $1.38/lb, and not eat-ready ripe, but we picked a ton and had a great time.

Third annual peach trip

Third annual peach trip

I’m a sucker for U-pick anything. In June I went strawberry picking in Wisconsin and in the fall I’ll go apple picking in northern Illinois.

Bad shadow - sorry!

Bad shadow – sorry!

After picking we tried to recreate our 2011 experience by going to Olympus diner – a hole in the wall with the BEST Corn Flake crusted French toast around. It didn’t disappoint!

What a long day! I came home, had dinner with my mom and then watched some Shark Week with the neighbors before heading back into the city for Monday morning.

To my Saturday readers (not sure if there are any) I’m on my way now to Pleasant Prarie for my first ever triathlon! I took Monday off of work to recover, but rest assured I’ll fill in the details when I’m back!


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