Molly’s musical and Blair the hero

23 Aug

Hello again!

Sorry I’ve been slow to post – I actually wasn’t doing crazy stuff all week and had a few days to rest!

It’s Friday and we all know what that means. Ice in da cup!

No, but seriously. Somehow I skipped my scheduled run this morning (do I seriously think I can do another tri?), didn’t get out of the shower until 8:10, rode my bike here and STILL made it to work by 9:00.

Speaking of riding my bike, today marks the fourth day in a row I rode. At $2.25/ride on the el, that means I saved $18! That $18 is going to pay for my lunch today with a friend from high school that happens to work in my building! I ran into him last month in the cafeteria – he’s worked here almost a year and we had never seen each other! He’s dating my other friend from high school now, too, so I can’t wait to hear about that.

Last night I went to see Roommate Molly’s musical, The Lockout. It was so funny! It’s about a fictional basketball team in Wichita, Kansas, and how they dealt with the 2011 NBA Lockout. If anyone in Chicago is looking for something fun to do, I recommend seeing this show Thursday-Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 5:30pm through September 15.

Image from Lockout the Musical

Let’s see, what else did I do this week? Sunday I rode 21 miles with the Mt. Prospect bike club on my new bike, which was… interesting. I’m still getting used to the way it feels on my hands and how much different it is from the hybrid bikes. After that I hung out with my best gal pal, Hannah (the 11 year old) and we got her a huge Barbie doll house at a garage sale for $15 plus some extra doll clothes for $5 more. She was thrilled and I love teaching her about buying used and how it is like recycling.

Monday evening I went to Blair’s house and she made some amazing mac and cheese from the latest issue of Cooking Light. I didn’t get a photo because I’m still getting used to this blogging stuff. Tuesday night Molly’s boyfriend’s roommate, Ian, cooked us sweet potato tempura tacos that were to die for. I am so lucky to have people that like to cook in my life. I wish I could learn a thing or two. Wednesday night I cooked two 93% lean burgers (one for dinner, one for lunch) for myself on the George Foreman grill.

So that was my slow week. This weekend is going to be something to write about, for sure, because it’s our FIRST ANNUAL FLOAT TRIP. A group of 11 of us are going three hours north in Wisconsin to float down a river and camp overnight. I’m excited and nervous because I haven’t been camping since the makeshift Key West camping trip in college, and before that I think it was a student council camping trip to Starved Rock. Wish us like!

Finally, I want to give a huge shot out to my homie, friend, Canes alum, Uke Nation buddy Blair Brettschneider for being recognized as a CNN hero this week! She founded and runs Girl Forward, a service to help refugee girls in America, and you can watch the video here.


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