The other bike that broke my heart

29 Aug

Dear readers, I have so much to tell you about starting with the camping trip and not excluding Shakespeare at the pub and our ukulele teacher’s concert. But first, I had another bike break my heart.

It all started when I switched my laundry from the washer to the dryer this morning. I noticed my bike (to clarify, this is the bike I ride to work, not my new road bike, but rather the bike that got the cute new basket just a few weeks ago) wasn’t there, panicked for a quick second and then remembered I locked it up front overnight since I’ve been riding so frequently and it’s easier than dragging it up and down the stairs. There was my first mistake. I woke up this morning eager to conquer the day, walked out the front door to where my bike would be waiting for me. Except it wasn’t. I was confused for a second until I saw some remnants of the lock on the patio. My bike had been stolen.

I don’t want to take blame for someone else coming onto our property, cutting my lock, and clearly taking something that didn’t belong to him, but I feel partially to blame because I didn’t use my U-lock. I got a free U-lock at the University of Miami when they taught us about bicycle theft prevention. You got a free lock for registering your bike with the police. Hopefully that police info is going to come in handy soon because I called them this morning and they’re checking to see if they still have it on file. So no, this wasn’t my fault that someone stole, but I should have known better than to lock it up with a dinky lock. For those of you who know me, our street is pretty safe, so this honestly seems unfathomable. Although, now that I think about it, my car was broken into less than a year ago… hmm…

Luckily I’m a responsible adult and have renters insurance, but unluckily the renters insurance deductible is $500 and my bike was worth less than that. The police report is filed and maybe I’ll get it back some day. Until then I’ll be riding my road bike to work and getting ready for the tri, I guess.

The moral of the story is there is no other lock than a U-lock. Invest in it and never look back.


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