6 Sep

Well, I’ve been recovering from the bike that broke my heart (a second time) long enough, so it’s finally time to talk about the great float trip of 2013 (#floattrip13).

To say we got off to a rough start might be an understatement. We left my apartment at 8:45 (as planned) and immediately were pulled over by a state trooper (I like to say “ranger”) for not using a turn signal to merge lanes. The cop wasn’t too happy that we weren’t aware of the thousands of car accidents that happen on Chicago interstates due to turn signals, so this imaginary concersation may or may not have taken place:

Ranger: Do you girls watch the news

Blair: Do you watch the news, Sir? (in reference to her CNN Hero video playing all weekend)

The End. (applause)

So by the time we got a warning ticket (thank GOD!), dropped off Blair’s keys with her dad and filled our cooler with goodies, we were on our way through a very under-construction route to Wisconsin.

We arrived at the campsite about two hours after everyone else and immediately set up our tent and prepared to shuttle up to the top of the river.

Setting up the tent

Setting up the tent

We tied our tubes together (sounds weird, right?) and had two tubes just for the coolers and were off! I didn’t have my phone or camera with me so there’s no way to share the visuals of the glorious scenery, but it was pretty, and it took us abour 5 ½ hours to float down the whole river. It wouldn’t be five and a half hours of drinking without a little drama, amiright? Well we had plenty to go around and let’s just say everyone was ready to de-tube when we floated back to camp.

Much to everyone’s favor we were able to float right to the shore, leave our tubes, and walk to our campsite! Being the good float trip planner that I am, we booked our campsite early enough so we got sites one and two, the closest to the main lodge-place-thing and the bathrooms (very important).

After we changed out of our suits we grilled up some dinner, made s’mores, and sung songs. Ok, we actually didn’t sing anything. We DID all go to bed pretty early though.  Showin’ our age, I guess.

I did learn one new thing on this trip that I’d like to leave you with. It’s the term “FIB.” Does anyone know what it stands for? Apparently it’s what Wisconsinites call Illinoisians when we invade their fresh air. Effing Illinois Buttheads (use your imagination).

This FIB is OUT. I have so much more to recap, though, so expect more posts soon. Shakespeare, ukulele concert, Canes domination, etc. Speaking of Canes, you better WIN this weekend against Florida.


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