Skiing in Wisconsin

9 Jan

I think the first time I went skiing was in fifth grade with girl scouts. We all bundled up and slipped down the bunny hills at Villa Olivia in suburban Chicago. Then, we nearly lost the skin off our hands getting pulled up the tug-rope thing they hike they use to hike you up and send you back down. After that I don’t think I touched another set of skis until 2009 when my class did a project in Boise, Idaho, and my small group tried to get some video footage of some Special Olympics skiers. My teammates convinced me I’d be fine and I most definitely wasn’t. I ended up walking down the ski hill.  The next day we went back to the Boise ski area and I took my time on the easiest hills and really made progress. Since then I decided I was going to love skiing.

Since I returned from college in Miami I’ve been going skiing in Wisconsin every winter. Unfortunately


Jamie, Kayla, Me

(or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) we haven’t had big snow (except the Snowpocolypse of 2011) so most of my skiing has been on the artificial mist they spray onto the hills.

This past weekend my friends and I went to our favorite slopes at Alpine Valley in Wisconsin. It’s not far from Lake Geneva, another popular vacation destination for us Chicagoans. I bought new snow pants from Athleta, a new Columbia lime green jacket, and wore my new Etsy crocheted/braided headband over my cover-all face mask thing to dress it up, of course. That damn headband kept falling off every time I took off my ski goggles but someone always handed it back to me.

We got on the slopes around 10:30 am and surprisingly it wasn’t too crowded. Everyone was ready for a break around 1:00 and when we were done warming up the crowds had arrived. It was pretty crowded during the afternoon runs so we finished up around 5:00 pm. On the final run of the day I found a secret little wooded area and sped down it only to incur my first and only wipe out of the day. I couldn’t find the exit!

After that run we all met up by the fireplace and took this cute little photo. And then guess what happened? I lost my headband! I didn’t notice til I got to the car, so I threw my stuff in the back and went back to search. By then the sun had started to set and I was hopeless. I asked lost and found but no one had turned it in yet.

And that’s how I lost my brand new headband.

Luckily, my favorite post-skiing activity is Giordano’s pizza. And pizza we had. It made me feel better.


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