Backstreet’s Back (again)

23 Jun

Remember last summer when Kristin and I went to the Backstreet Boys concert and it got shut down early because of the Chicago Park District’s curfew? Yeah. That sucked. But the Boys held true to their promise and ticket purchasers were offered a 25% discount on tickets for the 2014 show. Kristin and I jumped at the opportunity and I even bought a pair to sell for profit (which I did).

The concert was last Tuesday and was just as fun as the first round! It actually was the same exact show and the good news is we figured out that we hadn’t missed too much by them ending early last time.

I picked us up a few vintage (1998) concert t-shirts on eBay, but it was a little too cold to show them off, sadly.

Vintage BSB Shirts

The main difference between the two shows was the openers. Avril Lavigne (remember her?) opened for BSB this year compared to Pauly D and Jesse McCartney (which ultimately caused BSB to start late and get cut off). Avril was pretty good, surprisingly. She sang a few new hits and also reminisced with her singles from the early 2000s. She still had her dark eyeliner (I’m assuming) and a tutu on so it’s good to know some things never change.

Our seats were in the more expensive section (compared to the seats I flipped) so we went to check out the difference in views and found they actually had a more elevated view of the stage. We continues back to our original seats (but stayed in the bleachers/risers) and found some open seats as we waited for the show to start. The seats’ ticket holders came and we scooted down a few and much to our surprise the seats were ours for the rest of the night! They were excellent seats and we totally lucked out. Speaking of luck, it had completely down poured the night before and the event was rain or shine, so I was nervous we might get rained out. Similarly to last year the weather held out for us! It was cool and in the 60s but it didn’t start to rain until we were driving home.

Awesome Seats

The show was fantastic. The boys were awesome and it was so fun to sing and dance along with them. I can’t say enough about how much fun Kristin and I had at both shows. I hope they keep touring so we can keep going. They are, strangely, coming out with a documentary so at least we have that. I also really like some of the songs from their new album which is a sign that they’re on the right track.


I’m looking forward to all the future BSB concerts with Kristin – easily a highlight of the summer!


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