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A Very Chicago Weekend

23 Jul

I feel so fortunate for incredible weather this weekend! Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were gorgeous and I made the most of them all!

Friday night I grabbed drinks with my roommate and it turned into a late-night bar crawl. Saturday I woke up, ran around the city and enjoyed the sunshine then headed home to the suburbs for some QT with my fam, neighbors, and girlfriends. Kayla and I went on a bike ride around Busse Woods with two guys that I probably haven’t seen since 2005, so that was interesting. Of course with Facebook it feels like I’ve seen them every year since, so it was pretty normal.

After that Jamie, Lili, and Loredana joined us and the seven of us tried to play Risk (the 1975 version). We couldn’t figure out how to play and lost interest pretty quickly, but then one of the guys ran to his apartment to grab a game he plays with his family: Telestrations. It’s basically the game of telephone but with drawings. It sounds like it’d be pretty tame but it is actually unbelievably fun. There were seven of us adults playing (his game only supported six players, so one person had to be the timer) and we were crying from laughing so hard. If you buy the game I suggest making sure you play with as many people as possible!

I stayed at Kayla’s until about 12:30 and then ran back to my parents’ to drop my bike off and head back to the city.
Sunday morning I woke up at 9:30 and headed over to church before our scheduled beach day could begin. Jamie and Kayla came over and we loaded up my new bike cargo cart (the girls used Divvy) and we found a spot on North Ave. beach. I didn’t get to use my paddle board at the beach because it was just too crowded but it is one of my goals by the end of the summer.

Bike Cargo Trailer

After the beach we cleaned up and made our way to Jonquil Park (right by my place) to watch Ghostbusters. While we waited for the movie to start we ordered Lou Malnati’s, played Telestrations (this is when we learned the more people, the better) and hung out. It surprisingly got chilly by the end of the night but I love Movies in the Park no matter what.

Movies in the Park

In my opinion it was the perfect weekend!