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Espirit de She 5k

20 Jul

Thursday night all of the Chicago weather stations warned us to stay inside! The temp was a balmy 93 degrees with a heat index close to 100! Despite the warnings, my friend Jamie and I suited up to complete the first ever Espirit de She 5k in Lincoln Park.

Why are we crazy enough to do a 5k in the heat? Well, the answer might stem back to the fact that we’re crazy enough to be doing our first triathlon in August and we figured a 5k would be good practice for the running portion of the race. We rode our bikes to the start, too, to get in that extra triathlon feel.

We were extra prepared, so we got to the race well over an hour before the start time. It turned out to be good planning, though, as were some of the first to take advantage of free mini-spa services offered by LifeSpa — the spas inside Lifetime gyms. I got my nails painted purple (one of the official race colors) and then got back in line for a mini massage which actually wasn’t that relaxing.


I had been excessively drinking water all day so I was feeling a little bloated at the race start, but we started off well. We ran through some misters that were actually cold feeling! I was excited to use my new Garmin watch to measure my pace and distance, and it was so accurate! We got the water at the one mile stop and my only complaint was that the water was luke warm. Maybe that’s a scientific thing — the water is supposed to be warm as to not shock your body — but it doesn’t feel good when its almost 100 degrees outside.

We ran through one other mister ant the wind was blowing it so no one actually got the mist. That was disappointing.

I didn’t run as fast as I could because of the heat, but I thought the racing technology was cool (but not as cool as my new Garmin Forerunner!!). Here’s a snapshot of my results:


All in all we finished the race safely and were greeted with icy cold towels and fruity Popsicles at the finish line. Plus, there was yummy, healthy food and more sweet treats (read: wine) in a little lounge. I’m proud of us for doing it and surviving!

Only 23 more days til race day!